The Hero Challenge: Blogging

The Hero Challenge is a personalized version of the One Million Heroes Campaign. It’s the choice  to lead by example and document the journey of changing ones life to be an extension of all the goals scattered throughout this site. It embraces mysteries and puzzles, and the way of games by incorporating the concept into the actual sharing of the journey. It is meant to be played like a personal game where life is the board,  and where pictures represent pieces of a puzzle or map that are meant to unfold overtime in different parts of the journey. Communication is revealed as a puzzle, and people (other Future Heroes) are recruited over time through interactions with the economy through Guardians and Future Guardians who are on their own path too.

It’s the transition from future Hero to Hero and for myself the transition to evolving into the Guardian path, a path dedicated to healing wounds and serving others, while also sharing what that journey looks like.

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Quantum Economy

The Quantum AGI Economy (or “Smart Economy”) is an experimental model for an automated, circular economy designed to generate universal income and social services.  The mission is to build an economy that is designed to grow and in it’s growing serve people in a sustainable way.

Much but not all of our model is based on the Nordic Model(1, 2) where capitalism is used as a tool to serve people, not people it; and inspired by the blockchain economy that enables financial inclusion and opportunity for alternative economies to exist alongside the main economy. We believe that such economies can work as a side-economy that boosts the main economy as well as the people who participate in it. In the Quantum system, the side-economy is the Guardian Economy and the main economy is the Hero Economy.

Some concepts built into the economic model are:

  • sustainability
  • minimalism (less is more)
  • zero waste (reduce, reuse, recycle),
  • circular economies (circular over linear distribution),
  • consumers = producers,
  • waste & risk management,
  • food, water & shelter production,
  • digital economies,
  • passive income,
  • sharing abundance,
  • low-maintenance and efficient designs,
  • artificial intelligence and automation,
  • limitless growth/expansion

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Zero Waste: Worms & Mushrooms

Each year 30-40% of our food gets thrown away or wasted globally, in the United States that 1/3 increases to 50%. This is a $165 billion of waste for the U.S and $680 billion annually. Consumers waste the most at 67% , while restaurants waste 15% and grocery stores waste another 11%. In the U.S. 14.5% live in poverty. 1 in 6 people living in America go hungry; we have enough food to feed the entire population so what stops us? With Zero Waste: Worms & Mushrooms our mission is to tackle these problems by integrating waste into the heart of our economy as the base.

Waste includes reducing and converting our trash into usable materials.

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Background Processes

The Guardian Philosophy & Sangha

The Guardian Philosophy and framework governs the work we do and it’s what our sangha is built upon. It’s a set of guidelines for helping others by focusing on the root of the problems: ourselves. It emphasizes unbeliefs, nondogma, open-minds, critical thinking and analysis. Everything we build is an extension of the Guardian Philosophy which functions as a tool for us.

There’s not much to share here since the basic gist of the philosophy is (1) we must give ourselves and others freedom to heal in order to give, (2) Healing is a lifelong process because conflict will always exist, (3) conflict exists to either push us to growing towards wisdom…or ignorance (open palm vs. closed palm) and (4) what we give to the world will be returned to us in a butterfly-effect-pay-it-forward kind of way, so lets give kindness and compassion and love.

There’s nothing unique about it. It’s just a variant that has worked for me and my family. I don’t think at the moment sharing it will be of any inspiration to others, it does however drive my work and is what my family lives by, and I hope that the byproducts of our lifestyle can be of use to others.

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Paused Projects

One Million Heroes

Was our initiative to locate and help fund nonprofits and social entrepreneurs. It does this by offering 1/3rd of our proceeds to them yearly and 1/2 of proceeds raised during actual campaigns. One million Heroes began as inspiration from the one million dollar page campaign. Except instead of 1 million going directly to Zenratstudios a portion of it would be shared with other Heroes, with an advertisement page spotlighting what each of these heroes do. Each of these groups and individuals would have been nominated by everyday people who wanted to spotlight causes they believe in with the opportunity of receiving some financial assistance for those who nominated and/or voted on the most Heroes.

At the moment One Million Heroes is on pause. Putting this together requires more people, attention, planning and focus than I have right now to dedicate. It’s a concept I’d like to to relaunch should I reach a revenue goal of 1.5 million.

See the site: Here