About Zenratstudios

Zenratstudios is a nonprofit tech and environmental family project, driven by a stack of ideas called the Guardian Philosophy and TIPATI Framework. Here with my growing family, I explore existing resources and emerging technology in order to develop possible solutions to societal problems on a modular scale. Where modular represents the individual on the smallest scale. Here we solve our own problems, test, share and scale those solutions as we meet milestones and grow.

In the past we began as an attempt to bring products and services to others. Now we focus on sharing our journey with you so that you can build or emulate these services for yourself. It’s more or less a blueprint.

Our focus is building and developing personal “quantum” ecosystems with built-in automated economies that can pave the way for sustainable universal income when scaled up. These economies are designed to be circular and expansive by combining: Zero Waste (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), Minimalism (Less is More), Circular distribution (Reinvesting in assets and skills), Risk management (diversification and passive income). The basic idea is we save more than we spend, and convert our lifestyle into a machine that generates value passively.

The term automated doesn’t have to necessarily include technology, though our system will evolve to include it, but rather any system designed efficiently enough that the entire process is automated with minimal labor involved. Freeing people to find their passion and gift and to pursue that. In retrospect it is more experimental than anything.

About the family

Zenratstudios is my family, my family is my Sangha, and my Sangha is a work in progress. In Buddhism a Sangha is more than a community it’s a deep spiritual practice. It is from the guardian philosophy that my Economic models and work has grown from. The past several years has been making sure that my life and the philosophy I live by helps those around me, not harms them, to comb out any biases and prejudices my thinking may have.

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Family Projects

  • Quantum A.G.I Economy
  • Zero Waste Worms
  • The Guardian Philosophy
  • One Million Heroes

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