Our Mission

We are a monastic community, book, game and software publishing studio. We engineer technology to create financial abundance, freedom and security built on top of the Guardian framework, a self-sustaining, self-sufficient economy and philosophy that aligns with the 5 Vehicles: Education, Community, Governance, Self-Development, & Economy. We aim to remove the financial burden from governments, break down the barriers between the haves and the haves not, expand access to such tools in order to enable and equip local and global communities with resources they need to live, thrive and be more self-reliant and sufficient. Moving from scarcity based society to an abundance based society is part of our core goals.


You are open to email at: savingtheworld@zenratstudios.org with any questions, problems, or concerns you may have; though a timely reply if any is not guaranteed due to focus and absorption being on project completion and service creation.