About S.K Murghein

S. K Murghein, a.k.a. “Leaf”

I want to be understood perfectly clearly. I’m not out there for to save the world. I’m not a guru. In other words. When a bird sings, it doesn’t sing for the advancement of music, but if someone stops to listen and is delighted. That’s fine. And so I talk in the same spirit. And every sensible person, makes his living doing what he enjoys doing. [..] I’m not trying to help you or improve you, I accept you as you are. And that explains me. – Alan Watts

Many people ask who am I. The truth is I don’t know who I am and I don’t know what I’m doing, I just make it up as I go along. I used to say:  “I’m passionate about solving problems that can not only help me but help make the world a better place. I’m passionate about dreaming and developing solutions to problems that we all share.”

These days, I’m less passionate about saving the world in any active “come join me” kind of way. And while I’m positive I care about the world, I’m not so sure it needs saving, healing perhaps, but saving not so much. I feel if each person focused on healing themselves the world would be a much happier more loving and compassionate place. If we were secure and lived with an open heart we would love more people in freedom with compassion, rather than jealousy, envy and resentment.

I feel that a person has to think globally but act locally. For me that means, to save the world you have to heal yourself and so my focus and passion at present is all about living and exploring my life as an adventure, and letting everything else, that healing and growth flow as a byproduct of that living.

I used to think “If I am successful I can help more people…” but, these days each day that I am alive to live another day is a success in and of itself, and that I have the opportunities that I have with the friends and family that I have is something I am grateful for. That is, if I died today right now without any major achievements to my name, I’d feel in my own heart that I died a success. Turns out what is success means different things to different people.

My ideas and projects may sound crazy or naive. Things that people say can’t work to me are just another fun challenge to solve in a piece of larger puzzle not a game stopper. Everything I do is an experiment and a work in progress, it morphs, changes and transforms each passing day. Everything that I write about is a theory and a lifestyle that I practice as an extension of my lifestyle. My lifestyle is an extension of my work which is an extension of the Guardian Philosophy that I’ve developed for myself and practice just for me. I read once somewhere that the best kind of work is work that comes from the things you already do in your day to day life. That’s what this work is. It bears fruit for me and has the potential to help others I come into contact with, and that feels like enough.

You might notice that there isn’t much to see on the website right now. Given time there will be.

I spend a lot of my energy and effort working on:

  1. Communicating my ideas from the tangled web inside my head to something clear and understandable to you.
  2. Learning the skills I need to build those ideas.
  3. Actually building those ideas.
  4. Finding a medium in which to document and share those ideas with others.